Batch file for running Processing pde files from Scite.

@echo off

::Use Scite to run PDE sketches ::By Rick Companje ::14-1-2008

::you need to include the processing core classes ::and lib folder to a subdirectoryin your sketchfolder ::called processing. See the short tutorial at

set className=%1 set set CLASSPATH=

echo Scite for Processing: %className%

IF “%className%” == “” GOTO ERROR_CLASSNAME

echo // %javafile% > %javafile% echo import processing.core.; import java.applet.; import java.awt.; import java.awt.image.; import java.awt.event.; import; import; import java.text.; import java.util.; import; import javax.sound.midi.; import javax.sound.midi.spi.; import javax.sound.sampled.; import javax.sound.sampled.spi.; import java.util.regex.; import javax.xml.parsers.; import javax.xml.transform.; import javax.xml.transform.dom.; import javax.xml.transform.sax.; import; import org.xml.sax.; import org.xml.sax.ext.; import org.xml.sax.helpers.*; public class %className% extends PApplet { » %javafile%

type *.pde » %javafile%

echo static public void main(String args[]) { PApplet.main(new String[] {“%className%” }); )» %javafile%

javac %javafile% -classpath processing\lib