Life in byte-sized pieces

ID: Beaumont (2004) PDF: (afstuderen:beaumont-2004-life-in-byte-sized-pieces.pdf|)

===== Summary ===== *Daniel Crooks is jealous of adult friends who have home movie reels of their childhoods. His two young sons will never have that problem. *Crooks, a 31-year-old designer and artist, has billions of bytes worth of digital photos and hundreds of gigabytes of movie footage of his life and that of his children Elliot, 3, and Lucien, 8 months. “When my oldest son was born, I was taking a photo of him every day with the idea of time-lapsing it,” he told The Sunday Age. “That lasted about a year. I’m still going pretty hard, but I’ve toned it down a bit.” Crooks is not alone, according to trend-watchers, *”[[life caching]]”. While collecting personal mementoes is nothing new, claims that big brand technology from Nokia, Apple and Microsoft is tipping life caching into mass consumption territory. *“The longer I do it, the more stuff I amass that I’ve never looked at,” said Crooks. *[[Nokia Lifeblog]] *replace the pen, paste and scrapbook of yesteryear, *password protected, *The Lifeblog slogan is “Hold on to the good times.” *[[iPod]] users storing a lifetime of music memories and data files on the portable devices. *fashion accessories in Asia…. “digital life files” around their necks, according to the website. *capturing the everyday and storing it long-term… [[SenseCam]] *SenseCam is being tested on Alzheimer’s patients in the UK