Crisis a non-economic approach

( :blog:media-tech-crisis.jpg?200|)January 7th–10th January 14th–17th 12:00–18:00
\ The Media Technology MSc program is a place where students are encouraged to formulate their own scientific questions, and to translate personal inspiration and curiosity into their own research projects. To answer these questions, students are stimulated to create actual installations, by creating and doing, new scientific insights into the underlying questions are encountered. The students draw from the knowledge available throughout the Leiden University and the ArtScience program of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. \ The theme for this year’s semester project exhibition is “crisis.” The intent during the course was to approach crisis in the broadest sense (social, mathematical, philosophical, etc.) and have associated it with terms like control, projection and collision. The students have been collaboration in groups of two or three students where each group has been asked to choose one of the sub-themes. The semester project has three phases. First of all the students are asked to explore their themes as broadly as possible. After gaining insight in the theme they are asked to formulate compelling statements relating to the theme. Once this is done they are asked to translate their statement in a work that can be exhibited in a group exhibition. It is surprising to see that the resulting works all question our personal position and role in daily life. The exhibited works question for example our behavior in and over crowded world, the ethics of the waste of data we create and whether we have control over control. \ More info: (:blog:msc-media-technology-exhibition-2010.pdf)

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