legacy help

loglite for WiFi-Box

loglite -h

Usage: loglite.lua [file-to-tail] [filter-set]
  If no arguments are supplied, or if the first one is `-', stdin is used as input.
  If no filter set is supplied, a set named `default' will be looked for.
  Filter sets can be defined in a file `loglite-filters.lua' in your home directory.

  Available filter sets in /root/loglite-filters.lua: default, firmware, print3d, printstart, serial, test

loglite /tmp/wifibox.log


tail -f /tmp/wifibox.log

(keep in mind the current loglevel. You can change this (probably using the API).

signin from cmd line WiFi-Box

/www/cgi-bin/d3dapi p=/network/signin

this is the wget command that gets executed during signin:

wget -q -T 2 -t 1 -O - ""



ignore Access Control

be able to quit a print started from another IP change the file: /usr/share/lua/wifibox/util/access.lua after function M.hasControl(ip) add the following line:

	        if true then return true end;

doodle3d firmware readme

d3dapi p=/network/scan r=GET

adding a 3D-printer to Doodle3D


    notes @ DaVinci exhibition

  • http://wifibox/d3dapi/network/signin
  • http://wifibox/d3dapi/network/status
  • http://wifibox/d3dapi/info/status
  • last number of IP’s from left to right: 132, 194, 110, 164

bootscripts Doodle3D

Print3D already has scripts, that where created for the WiFi-Box. It seems to use inotifyd, I’m not sure if that is something we can reuse.

  • print3d_init. A init script that starts the print3d-manager as a deamon.
  • print3d-manager. Uses inotifyd to start print3d-new-device when a new device is connected.
  • print3d-new-device. Figures out whether to start print3d in a seemingly crude way. If appropriate it tries to start print3d-runner
  • Starts the print3d deamon.

    Help system

  • we might want to try: It is used by 3dverkstan.