Microsoft Creating Virtual Brain

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===== Summary ===== *Researchers at Microsoft ‘s Media Presence Lab are developing a “virtual brain,” a PCbased database that holds a record of an individual’s complete life experience. Called [[MyLifeBits]], the project aims to make this database of human memories searchable in the manner of a conventional search engine. *By 2047, almost all information will be in cyberspace – including all knowledge and creative works,” said one of the project’s leaders, [[Gordon Bell]]. “The most significant benefit will be a breakthrough in our ability to remotely communicate with one another using all our senses.” *“Telepresence technology provides for both space and time shifting by allowing a user to communicate with other users via text, graphics, voice, video and shared program operation.” *[[virtual shoebox]] *cross-referencing chronological material related to two or more people in an individual’s life. *“It sounds like weblogging run amuck,” Aberdeen Group analyst Dana Gardner told NewsFactor, explaining that the current trend toward Internet self-expression sometimes veers toward the obsessive. *Yet Gardner also sees the value of MyLifeBits, especially as a time capsule for future historians. *Because the system would be online, making it “hack proof” would be critical before MyLifeBits could become viable in the mass market.