Media Technology

The Media Technology master-of-science (MSc) program is a place where students are encouraged to formulate their own scientific questions, and to translate personal inspirations and curiosities into their own research projects. To answer these questions, students create actual products, because we are convinced that by doing and creating, new scientific insights into the underlying question are encountered. \ The program is a joint initiative of Leiden University’s computer science institute (LIACS) and the Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts. Leiden is located in The Netherlands, between Amsterdam and The Hague. \

===== Info ===== *Lees hier een [[|artikel over Media Technology]] dat ik schreef voor de Expertise Nieuwsbrief voor het Hoger Onderwijs, maart 2007, nummer 3. *[[Globe4D]] is ontwikkeld tijdens het introductie vak [[Multimedia Systems]] binnen de studie Media Technology. *Ik ben gestart met Media Technology in september [[2005]].

===== Courses I took at Media Technology ===== *[[Multimedia Systems]] by [[Michael Lew]] *[[Introduction to Programming]] by [[Maarten Lamers]] *[[Multimedia Programming]] *[[Sense Interference]] by [[Robin Deirkauf]] *[[Creative Research]] by [[Bas Haring]] and [[Maarten Lamers]] *[[Human Computer Interaction]] by [[Fons Verbeek]] *[[Science Practice]] by [[Bas Haring]] *[[Sound, Space &Interaction]] by [[Edwin van der Heide]] *[[Image & Vision: Embodied Vision]] by [[Joost Rekveld]] *[[Second Semester Project]] supervised by [[Charlotte Lemmens]] and [[Joost Broekens]] *[[Hardware & Physical Computing]] by [[Paul Jansen Klomp]] *[[Meta Media]] by [[Taco Stolk]] *[[Research Seminar: Artificial Intelligence]] by [[Maarten Lamers]] *[[Web Technology]] by [[Maarten Lamers]] *[[Playing to the gallery]] workshop by [[Charlotte Lemmens]] *[[Language and Text]] by [[Crit Cremers]] *[[Tools]] workshop by [[Ianus Keller]]

===== Elective courses I took ===== *[[Making Art of Databases]] by [[Joel Ryan]], [[Crit Cremers]] and [[Jan Peter van der Wenden]] *[[Liever de Gifbeker]] asspecten van Academische Vorming by [[André Klukhuhn]]