TOKO about image transformations in physics and programming

On Friday Januari 30th there will be another free Toko Workshop.

Toko nr. 11 will deal with image bending. With simple mathematical fuctions, you can make an image or movie change shape. It will cover solid geometry, lensformula’s and -calculation, application in image manipulation and lens like transformation of images. In the morning the math and physics behind image transformation will be explained followed by hands-on workshop image transformation with OpenFrameworks.

The TOKO workshops are about technical topics in the field of art, design and technology. Get inspiration or technical help from all the participants for your own creative projects. For each workshop speakers are invited to share their knowledge and experiences.

===== Program===== 10:00 Joris Slob introduces the algebra we will need to make transformations. 11:30 Michiel Cohen Jehoram will cover lenses and optics. 13:00 Theodore Watson introduces OpenFrameworks and gives explanation and examples of image manipulation in OpenFrameworks. 14:30 Loren Roosendaal will use OpenFrameworks to give some more specific examples of image transformations. 16:00 Try out the things you learned and get help from all participants.

===== Example questions: ===== This toko could answer questions like:

  • How do you write your own keystone function?
  • How do you get photobooth like effects?
  • How do you make two projectors project a seamless image together?
  • How do you make a text follow a path?
  • How do you make different kinds of gradients?
  • How do you enlarge an image without loss of quality?
  • How do you show images non-flat surfaces?
  • How do you stretch an ellipse to a rectangle?
  • How do you fold a 2D image of a rendered sphere back onto the sphere?
  • What is the procedure to get from a calibration image to a formula to code?
  • etc…

===== Bio’s of the speakers: ===== == Joris Slob == Joris Slob studied Physics and Media Technology at Leiden University. He has a keen interest in programming and has worked as a web-programmer before becoming a scientific programmer in the BioInformatics group. His now is involved in the developement of a large scientific image database.

== Michiel Cohen Jehoram == Michiel Cohen Jehoram studied technial physics. He now designs electronics for art- and theatre porjects.

== Theodore Watson == Theodore Watson is an artist, designer and experimenter whose work is born out of the curiosity and excitement of designing experiences that come alive and invite people to play. Theodore’s work ranges from creating new tools for artistic expression, experimental musical systems, to immersive, interactive environments with full-body interaction. His recent work includes the Graffiti Research Lab’s Laser Tag, laser graffiti system and Funky Forest, an immersive interactive ecosystem for young children. Theodore works together with Zachary Lieberman on openFrameworks, which is an open source library for writing creative code in C++.

== Loren Roosendaal == Loren Roosendaal has a background in 3D game development and studied Media Technology. Loren is now working as 3D consultant for major companies.

== OpenFrameworks == openFrameworks is a free application framework designed for “creative coding”. OpenFrameworks is written in C++ and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It is developed and maintained by Zachary Lieberman and Theo Watson. Its emphasis on “creative” uses draws parallels to Processing as both projects present a simplified interface to powerful libraries for media, hardware and communication. openFrameworks’s main difference from Processing is that it is written in C++ not Java and so inherits the performance benefits of a compiled programming language. Users will find many similarities between the two libraries.

===== So===== When: 30-1-2009 @ 10:00 Where: Spullenmannen, Kleine Koppel 40, Amersfoort - [[|routedescription]]
More info: [[]] or call Rick (06 2851 6908 ) To subscribe for this toko: *email to {toko at} or *[[|fill in the form]] (tag>Art Math tech Events Projects)