Veel Globe4D nieuws!

==== Eureka! ==== (|Globe4D in Eureka!)Eureka!, a Dutch scientific magazine did an [[|article on Globe4D]] which is now available as PDF. Two pages about our four-dimensional globe with detailed information about how it all started and about our future plans.

==== Carribean Cinekid ==== [[:Cinekid]] (The Netherlands) and [[:The Back Lot]] (Suriname) organize a film and new media festival in Paramaribo, [[:Suriname]]. [[:Globe4D]] will be there as part of the festival from April 3rd till 6th.

==== Surfspot TV ==== (|Globe4D at SurfspotTV)During [[|IPON 2008]], APS IT-diensten from The Netherlands did a documentary on the fair for SurfspotTV with a nice item about Globe4D. It’s online available now at [[|Surfspot TV]] or as [[|video podcast]].

==== Innovaction Fair, Italy ==== [[:Globe4D]] has been exhibited at [[:InnovAction]], [[:Italy]] in February. The third InnovAction Fair of Knowledge, Ideas and Innovation was a big success. In total 45,000 visitors attended the fair and thousands of them got to play and learn from one of the four currently existing Globe4D models.

==== Museum for Natural history in Maastricht ==== Since February, one of our [[:Globe4D]] models is on permanent display in Maastricht in The Netherlands. First as part of the China Dino exhibition in [[:Centre Céramique]]. After April as part of the collection of the [[:Museum for Natural History in Maastricht]].

( Globe4D at China Dino in Maastricht)