Saving Your Bits for Posterity

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===== Summary =====

*Someday, long after you’re dead, your descendents will rummage through the minutiae of your life, eavesdropping on long-ago phone conversations, reading private e-mail exchanges and watching the video highlights of your existence.

*Gordon Bell, who was instrumental in creating the first commercial minicomputers in the 1960s.

*“My massive regret is that I don’t have everything,” said Bell, who has tossed the hard copies of almost all of his paper documents.”

*Even as our lives become more digitized, there still is no easy way to coherently organize the pictures, e-mails and documents that form the stuff of our existence. Researchers still must know the file name or the date of creation for image and audio files, for example.

*And your cinematic deathbed flashback will already be uploaded to your hard drive.